Surgery is not the first treatment you should consider for weight loss. On the other hand, you should not wait until you develop complications from obesity. If you have tried to lose weight on your own without success, please make an appointment to see us.
If you have back and joint pains, get out of breath easily, sweat profusely and get tired out after a short walk, your excess weight may be hindering you. Losing weight can restore your energy and vigour.
A number of chronic medical conditions are closely related to our diet, lifestyle and body weight. The most important is diabetes mellitus. Other diseases related to excess body fat are the metabolic syndrome, hypertension, fatty liver, cholesterol problems, polycystic ovarian syndrome in women and even cancer.
This is a critical stage that many people want to avoid because insulin therapy, although very powerful in controlling blood sugar levels, can also lead to further weight gain. We can help you to lose weight and dramatically improve your diabetic condition.
Dr Shanker has successfully helped numerous obese patients with cardiovascular disease, asthma, liver cirrhosis, kidney failure and transplant with weight loss treatment. Please make an appointment to see us.
Obesity and metabolic surgery helps obese individuals to lose weight and therefore improves weight-related conditions, both medical and physical. The greater the weight loss, the greater the benefit.
Your body mass index (BMI) should be higher than 27kg/m2 if you are considering any intervantions with us.

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